Yep, Even Anne Hathaway Relies on the Ol’ “Santa’s Watching” Trick to Discipline Her Kids


It’s a trick as old as time: when your kiddo is throwing a temper tantrum, refusing to share their toys, or not eating their vegetables at dinner, simply tell ’em Santa Claus is watching, and they’ll snap right into shape. Parents far and wide rely on the tactic all-year round — including, as it turns out, none other than Anne Hathaway. During a Tonight Show appearance on Tuesday evening, the actress and mother of two bonded with host Jimmy Fallon over the joys of using St. Nick as a means of getting her sons — 1-year-old Jack and 4-year-old Jonathan — to behave.

Anne began by discussing what it’s been like spending so much time at home with her young children in the past year. “Those are good ages to be home with your kids because our 4-year-old believes everything we tell him, and that’s adorable as well as very useful, and our 1-year-old . . . it’s just the most magic age,” she said. The Locked Down star went on to note that Jonathan’s gullibility especially came in handy this past holiday season, as it was his first Christmas believing in Santa. Anne detailed a hilariously relatable story about a dreadful family car ride during which she used Santa’s watchful eye to bribe her oldest son to give back a box of crackers he wouldn’t share with his brother.

“Finally, I just have this spark, and I go, ‘OK, Jonny, but what about Santa?’ His hand sH๏τ out straight towards me. I had the entire box of crackers suddenly, there was no argument. [My husband] and I turned to each other and we went, ‘Oh my god, this is so powerful.'” Powerful, indeed! Watch the entire interview above to hear what else Anne and Jimmy had to say about duping their kids in the name of discipline.